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Workshop - Learn how to build your online shop [English]

Are you planning to build an online shop? Or are you curious to know how to make an online store? Join our Workshop to learn how to do it. During the training, you will learn practical steps to launch a fully functionally eCommerce website

Join our WorkShop to build your online shop

Are you planning to build an online shop? Join us to learn how to launch your eCommerce successfully. During the training, you learn a simple strategy to start with eCommerce.

Overview of the training

During the workshop, we will cover most of the critical steps in starting an eCommerce website. We will discuss the following:

How to choose the right tool for your eCommerce

The software you decide to build your shop can influence how you grow online. For instance, some applications require more technical skills than others. We will discuss various tools and see which one you can choose based on your skills or expertise.

Where to find a design for your website

You may build a model from scratch. However, if you want to save time and money, there are tools you can use to get a design at an affordable price.  We will see how to choose one based on your industry.

Domain name and hosting

Which domain name should you choose for your website? And where to get one at a low cost? In case you want a self-hosted option for your eCommerce site, you may have to choose a hosting plan. We will discuss all the various options and the requirements you need to take into consideration.

Online Shop integration

We will work together on the development of your online shop, and we will discuss some tricks to have a responsive and SEO ready website easily.

Customization and extra features

To extend the functionalities of your shop, you may need additional features such as plugins or shortcodes. We will see together how to choose third-party resources. Moreover, we are going to discuss some good and bad practices.

Website Optimization

Use a few tools to optimize your website. We will see how to make a website much faster and SEO ready.

Sitemap.xml and robots.txt files

We will discuss generating a sitemap for a website and how a sitemap can improve organic ranking.

Registration and extra details

How to register for the workshop?

To register for the training, please visit the link

When and at what time?

The WorkShop is on Monday 13th of April from 9 am to 12.45 pm (America/Toronto Time)

How much does it cost

It cost 150$ for the entire training. You will have a chance to ask all your questions, build your online shop without needing any technical skills. Additionally, you will have the knowledge to replicate on other websites.

For more information

If you need more information, please contact us by email at or phone at +1 (438) 929-5887

Additional Information

  • A computer: Bring your computer
  • Headphones: TO follow the training
  • Broadband internet: All the training will be onine and require the internet connexion
  • Training Software (to be provided): After registration, we will send you a link with the tool we will use (it is free)