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Share the Love and hope to people around you during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Share the Love and hope to people around you during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Your kindness and support can help in saving lives, especially now that many people are bound to stay home. Hopvid19 is a community of people that share love, physical and psychological support to people going through a hard time during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Kindness, hope, Love and support can make the whole difference during this COVID-19 Outbreak

As the COVID-19 is progressively taking over nations and creating chaos around the world, people are rooted in depression, loss of jobs, businesses and family members. Whereas some have the strength and ability to go through the situation without losing their minds, others are becoming more and more concerned about the outcome. At a point in time where we don’t have weapons or resources to fight, sharing Love and hope can seem to be the best way to keep our sanity.

Let share hope and Love around us to help fight stress and anxiety

Over the past weeks, we have not stopped hearing about the bad news of the COVI-19. As a result of the Outbreak, countries had no choice than forcing their citizen to stay in confinement. Such a situation pushed companies to fire some of their employees and some businesses to close their doors. Adding to that, their people left with depression, no food to eat or anxieties due to uncertainty. If, by any means, we don’t have what it takes to assist them physically, we can at least use what we have at our disposal to help. At a glance, I come out with the idea that could help, and some of them are:

  • Helping others with grocery
  • Calling random people to encourage them
  • Create online activities to keep people busy
  • Provide online training
  • Create group discussions

About hopvid19 - Mission and purpose

https://hopvid19.com/ is a web application that helps people to search and share online activities. It provides a set of tools that enable people to either publish or search for existing events. For instance. If you are at home and you are specialized in a particular field, you may use https://hopvid19.com/ to suggest your expertise in the form of training to others. Alternatively, if you have nothing doing while at home, you can find or enrol on other activities of your interest. There also options to create group discussions, request for help or chatting online. Note that the website is still in the development process, and many features will be added shortly.  

About our Our mission

We believe that no one is too poor to give. Your smile or small action can mean the world to someone. Our mission is to enable the most vulnerable to overcome the stress and anxiety of the COVID-19.

Share or find online activities to help fight anxiety due to COVID-19

Share or find online activities to help fight anxiety due to COVID-19

Discover a few things that can keep you busy during this period. Let fight stress and anxiety.

Show love during pandemic

Show love during pandemic

Call or send SMS to a random people to encourage them during the covid-19 period.

Share hope during Covid-19

Share encourage message or create group discussion to spend some time and fight anxiety

Share hope during Covid-19

Do you have activities that can help during this period?

Any initiative that you could bring to help others will be highly welcome. Create your account and submit your idea.

Do you feel like you have covid-19?

Take a few minutes online self-assessment to determine if you have covid-19. The self-assessment is based on current data on the virus.

Have you traveled to any one of the destinations below in the last 21 days?

Have you recently been in contact with a person with Coronavirus?

Are you experiencing any difficulty in breathing?

* Start branch radio based

Please tick any one of the following symptoms that can be applies to you.

Do you have fever higher than 100.3° F?

Do you have a runny nose?

Are you experiencing muscle aches, weakness, or lightheadedness?

Are you having diarrhea, stomach pain, vomiting?

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You will receive all the recommendations on what to do at the email and if possible, visit the who website. for more details