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5 ideas to explore while keeping the social Distancing

To keep social Distancing, you technically have to make sure you don't approach people physically with the idea that they/you may pass on the virus. I believe that that long before the COVID-19, the Internet and social media started to increase social Distancing. For instance, more people rely on the Internet to keep relationships. Moreover, on Facebook or other social channels, some people may know only 5% of their connexion. Now that social Distancing is no longer an option, how do we keep someone a few of our healthy life or relationships? In this blog article, I highly my opinion about what we can do to remain busy.

1 - Reconnect with your family and physical relationships through phone calls or messages

With the current trend of life that we are more and more focus on making money, we end disconnecting from families or some friends. As a way to escape guilt, we develop a more virtual relationship. Now that we probably have more time reconnecting might help. Calling the uncle that we didn't call for a year can keep us busy or comfort.  Each one of us has a different way of reacting to a crisis. However, the ability of each other to thrive differ—the reason why many may not have the courage to recover for a long time.

2 - Create groups to discuss a topic of common interest

Waking up each morning and going to work is somehow an escape to anxiety and the stress of life. Some people may have a chance to work wherever they are. While some others can't work if offices close. However, if along the line, you are passionate about a particular topic, setting up a group discussion can help to spend the day easily. At a glance, the idea will be to think about an item that you love discussing; it might be football, soccer, politics or your current job. And then create a group on social channels with people willing to share with you. To make the topic interesting, you may bring a calendar of a subject to discuss each time you meet online.

3 - Learn new skills or work on your character

Somehow along the line, there are many things that you may have wanting to do or learn, and you never have the chance to do them. It may be learning to cook or learning a particular subject. Now that you are free, it will not be a bad idea to start thinking about how to learn them. In my opinion, the best way to keep consistency will be to set up a daily or weekly timetable to learn progressively. By taking the time to practice a few times a day will keep you busy and help to achieve your goal.

4 - Enrol to online training or activities

Many online websites or some companies provide pieces of exercise that may help you keep busy during this period. Some training may be free, while others may cost some money. Depending on your field of expertise, you may find something that best fits your needs. If you are into website development, websites like w3schools or Udemy can help. I also offer training on-demand if you want something more interacting.

5 - Think about starting a new business

While at home, you can start developing ideas to start a new business. If you were planning to start a business and you never had to chance to work on the concept, now can be the best time. There are many business ideas that you can explore, and some of them are the ones below:
  • Open an online shop
  • Offering online consulting
  • Start affiliating marketing
  • Work on your business plan.
There are endless possibilities. You may not necessarily start your business now. But developing a business plan to have everything ready in due time will be a big step.


one of the dangers of confinement is the boredom that can result in developing bad intentions. Voltaire once said: "Work takes away from us three great evils: boredom, vice and need.".  Hence, keeping ourselves busy will also help us fight evils thoughts. How do you keep yourself busy? Please share your comments with us or contact us.